Experienced Supplier to Mining

INRAD has extensive experience working with the mining industry. We supply radiators and cores for all kinds of trucks, loaders, conveyers, pumps, graders and locomotive. If you have a cooling system, we’re the people to ensure it performs and doesn’t let you down. We manufacture extra heavy duty, reliable industrial cooling and heat transfer systems that are suited to the ongoing needs and challenges of mining environments.

Wide Range & Responsive Service

INRAD offers wide range of mining applications including OEM radiator and heat exchanger supply and repair, coal truck radiator repairs and drill rig cooler packs.

INRAD has state-of-the-art workshop facilities and services key mining regions across Australia allowing us to provide responsive service or replacement in the event of a breakdown. We can also work with client’s scheduled maintenance or engine swap-outs.

Downtime is Expensive

INRAD’s innovation in radiators ensures any downtime is kept to a minimum. In mining, downtime can be a very expensive prospect. That’s why our superior thicker stronger more durable radiators and cores are in demand.

Flexible Engagement Options

  • We supply replacement radiators or cores
  • We provide repair and servicing as required
  • We offer continuous maintenance programs for mission critical plant in remote mining locations Australia wide. This entails back up cooling units on site and fast swap out arrangements.
  • We also offer a Fixed TCO- Total Cost of Ownership Program, based on kilometres or months.

Cooling Solutions for industry
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