Down Time is EXPENSIVE!

One Day Turnaround Custom Core Radiators designed for your specifications and harsh Aussie conditions.... to minimise downtime.


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We have devoted the last 25 years to the continuous development of superior cooling technologies for our clients. Our various business units test these new designs- at the coalface, in Australia's harshest climatic conditions.

Drilling Patterns
When you specify drilled header plates in our core calculator, you can now upload a drilling pattern to suit your requirements. Find out more by selecting the CORE CALCULATOR.

Welcome to INRAD, Industrial Radiator Group, providing the highest level of service and superior cooling technologies.

INRAD provides world class cooling solutions by manufacturing high performance brass/copper/steel/alumimium radiators, intercoolers and oil coolers for Transport, Mining, Earthmoving, Industrial, Marine and other sectors.

INRAD radiators are crafted by hand from our state of art facilities on Archerfield. 

We produce cores to maximise the cooling efficiencies and disbursement of heat. 

An INRAD radiator will deliver consistent durability, 

strength and performance for today’s demands.

INRAD Radiators features and benefits

  • Custom Software interface for core specifications
  • Up to 30% more efficient than Standard
  • Customisable thickness of core material
  • Tube wall thickness
  • Fin pitch and louver options
  • Flexibility of custom designs exactly fit requirements
  • World class TIG welding
  • Pressure tested
  • Long Guarantee
  • 100% Australian Made

Years of High Performance Service

When you need an industrial radiator that can stand up to torturous and corrosive mining environments, Australia's harsh climatic conditions, and provide you with years of reliable high performance service, look no further than INRAD.

Custom Designed to Endure

Our industrial radiators are custom designed to endure, using heavier guage materials upspec'd to outperform and withstand harsh environments. Typically our clients save on downtime, and enjoy many more years of service from our quality hand built radiators and replacement cores.

Short Lead Times & Responsive Service

We offer short lead times, protective coatings and global shipping, as well as an extended warranty on all of our industrial radiators. Not all industrial radiators are created the same. We make sure that you receive a custom designed experience for your specific needs. Welcome to INRAD, Industrial Radiator Group, providing the highest level of service and superior cooling technologies.

Technical Innovations
& Continuous Improvement

Tested in Australia's
Harsh Climatic Conditions

Lowest TCO
Total Cost of Ownership

Superior Cooling Design
Leading Edge Material Science

Cooling Solutions for industry
Call 1300 1 INRAD
(1300 146 723)

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